A Family Foundation can help with the
Great Wealth Transfer Which Is Underway
The Greatest Generation (born in the 1920s and 1930s) is in the process of completing their wealth transfer to their children (Baby Boomers) and grandchildren (Millennials). When that transfer is finally complete, more than $13 Trillion will have been transferred. 
Baby Boomers will in turn transfer in excess of $30 Trillion.    donor funded family foundation, jeff g meyers
Often times, the biggest losers in this transfer of wealth are the charities that we care about and fund during our lifetime.  With our passing, they are often forgotten.
There is a great way to make sure your charitable giving will continue after death.  It is called a "donor advised fund".  In effect, this becomes a Family Foundation with a name of your choice.  Often, the family name of the donor(s) is used.
Meyers Wealth Management, LLC often suggests using the following arrangement:

^^^^^^^^^^^^Donor Advised Funds^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The cost to establish and maintain a donor advised Family Foundation is minimal and it can be done with as little as six pages of fill-in-the-blank forms.
The mission(s) of the Family Foundation is established by you...the donor.  You determine how the funds are to be invested and how, when and to whom distributions are to be made.  Once established, your Family Foundation becomes a legacy and has an infinite life.
We recommend that donor advised Family Foundations be funded with a minimum of $100,000.00. 
A single donor advised Family Foundation might have many separate, distinct missions or charities it serves.  Examples include:
  • funding  scholarships for students majoring in the subject of your choice at your designated  university  
  • funding scholarships to your church's summer camp program and/or other church events
  • benefiting humanitarian programs such as hospitals, relief/disaster efforts  or displaced persons relocation outreach
  • benefiting humane societies

Your Continued Legacy

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You set the amount of dollars to be given to your favorite charities each year. Long after your death, your favorite non-for-profit enterprises will continue to receive donations in your name.  
Please contact us 913-663-1414 if you would like to learn more about establishing your own advised Family Foundation.