Jeffrey G. Meyers

Clients hire me as a wealth management advisor to help them build and blend investment strategies with efficient tax management.  

The recent Crash of 2008 (it actually started in October, 2007 and ended March 9, 2009) taught us there was no safe haven.  A well-diversified portfolio using Modern Portfolio Theory provided little to no protection.

Foundations and Endowments fared much better than the average investor during the Crash of 2008.  When you read a recent report on their current holdings, you will find as little as 11% invested in publically traded equities and bonds in the United States. We brand their approach “The Foundation Plan” and would like to share the details with you.

Reach out to us. We have answers to questions regarding:

  • Investment Strategies that differ from Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Investment Strategies that differ from mutual fund portfolios
  • Investment Strategies for Retirement Assets
    • Customized Retirement Plan Solutions
    • Strategies for Self-Directed 401(k)s
    • Strategies for IRA Rollovers
    • Strategies for Roth IRAs
  • Distribution Strategies for Retirement Assets
  • Social Security Benefit Timing
  • Legacy Investing and Planning

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