How To Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Make The Most of Your Social Security Benefits

Investment Financial Advisors KC Jeff meyersWe've been brainwashed into thinking Social Security Benefits will not be there for you in the long term. Many couples ignore these retirement benefits when it comes to their retirement planning. Their attitude is "Don't count on it because it may not be there."
It's time to set the record straight. For most middle income couples, Social Security in fact makes up 20% – 50% of their retirement income—often upwards of $500,000 in lifetime benefits. Obviously, that is a large sum of money for just about anyone. Doesn't it make sense to optimize that asset if you can?
Also, we don't hear enough about how unique Social Security really is as a retirement asset. For most married couples, Social Security is the only retirement asset that:
  • Is adjusted annually for inflation
  • Is tax-advantaged—at worst, it's only 85% taxable as normal income
  • Will continue to pay as long as you live
  • Is backed by a government promise

Why maximize your social security?

Did you know that there are literally thousands of options for when and how you elect your Social Security benefits?
The difference between a good election decision and a poor one is regularly more than $100,000 in income. With pensions disappearing and the markets unreliable, Social Security is more critical than ever to creating a lifetime income stream in retirement. Don’t let lack of awareness of the choices available and the consequences of those choices derail your retirement. 
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